Our Story


Jim Keller has spent his entire working life making things for customers. His career began in the commercial cabinetry industry, and it wasn’t long before Jim realized he had found his passion.

Jim founded J.A.K. Enterprises in 1989 and initially built card racks in his parents’ basement. He eventually moved operations into a building in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, before expanding further and moving into the business’s current facility in Little Chute, Wisconsin.

As owner, president and CEO of J.A.K. Enterprises, Jim oversees a team of 20 employees who are passionate about building high-quality products in the company’s 19,600-square-foot facility.

Creative thinking and collaboration are integral parts of our culture at J.A.K. Enterprises. We use a team approach to custom-design each project to meet our customers’ specific needs, and there is no such thing as a “cookie cutter” outcome.

Our project manager initiates the process by listening to the customer and bringing clear ideas to the team. Brainstorming sessions leverage the creative abilities and strengths of each team member, with everyone’s input carrying equal weight regardless of job title.

The project comes to life as it flows from the engineering team through our builders and installers. The high level of comradery from the office to the shop floor is the key to J.A.K. Enterprises’ ability to deliver exceptional results every time.

There are no egos here, only open minds. It’s the kind of supportive environment that is a must in our industry, and our customers appreciate the benefits.